"The African Mbira"; 60 Minutes Special on the "Wilmington Ten"

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"The African Mbira"; 60 Minutes Special on the "Wilmington Ten"


Alli Aweusi
John Greenlow III
Civil Rights Movements--United States
The Wilmington Ten
60 Minutes
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This is a tape recording of a 60 minutes special on the event known as the "Wilmington Ten." The tape is, thus, mislabeled and the contents do not accurately reflect the label. The reasons behind Aweusi's mislabeling are unknown. The Wilmington Ten, however, is an important event in black history in America. This event took place in Wilmington, North Carolina in which a white-owned grocery store in a historically black neighborhood was fire-bombed. The perpetrators were white supremacists who were framing the attendees of a black church next to the grocery store. 9 men and 1 woman -- i.e., the Wilmington Ten -- who were attendees of the church were wrongfully charged with the bombing and sentenced to 29 years in prison. The Wilmington Ten spent nearly a decade in prison before winning their appeal case. The 60 minutes recording on this tape covers these events.


Alli Aweusi








Wilmington, North Carolina




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96- 129/11 (06195820)

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Alli Aweusi, “"The African Mbira"; 60 Minutes Special on the "Wilmington Ten",” Subverting Silence: Uplifting Marginalized Conversations, accessed July 3, 2022, https://givingvoicetohiddenhistories.omeka.net/items/show/122.

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