Photograph of Ernesto Villalongin

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Photograph of Ernesto Villalongin


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A mounted photograph of Ernesto Villalongin, actor (extra) in Carlos Villalongin Dramatic Company and brother of Carlos Villalongin. The back side contains a handwritten note from Ernesto to Encarnacion Hernandez.

“Sr. Encarnacion Hernandez
Te aprecio: Esta frace tan
insignificante, para ti que e-
res mi amigo y me compren-
des, sera* un poema aunque
sencillo, elocuente para decir-
te la inmensidad del carin*o
que mi corazon siente para ti*.
10=1=1888. Ernesto

Translation: (approximate)
“Mr. Encarnacion Hernandez
I appreciate you: This insignificant phrase, for you who are my friend and understand me, will be a poem, although simple, but eloquent to tell you the immensity of care that my heart feels for you.
10-1-1888. Ernesto”


Desiderio LaGrange






Monterey, Mexico


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Ernesto Villalongin


Desiderio LaGrange, “Photograph of Ernesto Villalongin,” Subverting Silence: Uplifting Marginalized Conversations, accessed February 5, 2023,

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