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National NOW Conference Correspondence


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A series of email correspondence between Laura Esquivel, Sylvia Henriquez, Olga Vives, and Maria- Mills-Torres. Olga Vives thanks the others for taking part in their upcoming NOW Conference to take place in Arlington, Virginia, and they assign themselves topics to talk about.


Olga Vives, Maria Mills-Torres, Laura Esquivel, Sylvia Henriquez








Arlington, Virginia


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Dear Olga, Sylvia, and Laura:

I will address the topic of economics as it relates to Latinas in the U.S. from a cultural perspective. Please feel free to call me at work.
(215) 299-7182. Later in the evenings(after 8PM) I can be reached at (215) 425-0782. You can always leave voice mail messages at my work number at any time.

I look forward to meeting with you all soon



Dear Maria, Sylvia and Laura

Thank you very much for agreeing to to participate in the Panel at the National NOW Conference. This workshop will take place on Saturday, July 12th from 2:00 pm to 3:15 pm. The Conference is being held at the Doubletree Ctrystal Hotel in Arlington, VA. Please access for details.

I will be moderating the panel. My idea was to create a forum for attendees to discuss how we can join forces with Latinas to address the issues affecting them in the United States. Sylvia, for example, could discuss Latina's reproductive health issues, attitudes towards abortion, access to reproductive health services, etc. Maria could address economic issues affecting Puerto Rican women in the United States and Laura could address issues affecting latina lesbians. The action component of the panel is to give NOW activists a roadmap as to how they can work in their local communities with Latina groups/organizations in furthering a common agenda.

The workshop is 1-1/2 hours. We can limit the presentations to 15-20 minutes each and then have time for discussion/questions. How does this sound?

It would be good if you three discuss how you want to approach this. I'll leave it up to you to exchange phone numbers/addresses, etc. The e-mail addresses are as follows: Sylvia Henriques- Latina Institute for Reproductive Health -
Maria Mills-Torres - National Conference of Puerto Rican Women -
Laura Esquivel - LLEGO (The National Latina/o LGBT Organization) -

Looking forwards to an exciting workshop!

Olga Vives

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Re: NOW Conference
NOW Conference


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Olga Vives, Maria Mills-Torres, Laura Esquivel, Sylvia Henriquez, “National NOW Conference Correspondence,” Subverting Silence: Uplifting Marginalized Conversations, accessed August 13, 2022,

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