Melissa Hield, dissertation journal, Summer 1979

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Melissa Hield, dissertation journal, Summer 1979


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The resource is a personal journal of Hield's accounting her troubles with being a feminist and writing her master's dissertation.


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... over-achiever mindset I should I will say NO to small tasks and demands and interruptions. Say NO. Say NO. Say NO. Say NO. My time is valuable, my energy is limited. I don’t want to be an over-achiever, I want to be a successful feminist, intellectual. 7 August The weekend was traumatic. Catatonic Mildred, irresponsible Suzanne, spoiled Doug. Shit. Gave me a migraine. Thank God for Mary. She made me feel sane. She's great. I get so manic, it scares me, so compulsively overdoing when the others aren't helping some way. I couldn't stop doing doing. I felt as though I were going to jump out of my skin. Jesus it was awful. Monday I got a migraine. I can't say NO and it makes me furious. I've got to stop all this stuff. It's Aug 7. Panic. I can write 3 pages, I can say no. I can write 3 pages, I can say no. Get a kitchen timer. Make a schedule. Stick to it. Discipline yourself. Maria was robbed and I wanted to help. ...up in it. So I must make adjustments in my life with him to allow me as much time to do this as possible, plus the teaching; some ideas 1) regularize chores 2) go back to life at night 3) more movies together, or something (I'm bored staying home so much) 7) When the words don't come, I'm "not writing." "Not writing" is a part of the process I can't avoid. Do other things then (the courses) read, plan, give into the tears; my instincts have been reliable so I can trust them. 8) I am introspective and independent, but I can let go of some of the worrying. 9) Try to avoid interrupations. Feel confident about getting ahold of my time. I have a right to set limits. 10) Read Trinfle's book DO more "bubble" method Make lists Read books on creativity
After talking w/ Barbara Corsby this
5. I do not like “being married” — the institution. I fight my impulses/ training/ background/ constantly. Tim is trying I think though he has little understanding for what’s going on.
6. I feel involved in the “process” of this, feel more and more caught...

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Melissa Hield , “Melissa Hield, dissertation journal, Summer 1979,” Subverting Silence: Uplifting Marginalized Conversations, accessed June 26, 2022,

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