Interview with Melissa Hield

I had the wonderful opportunity of interviewing Melissa. She currently resides in North Austin and is enjoying retired life! The audio will be found below.

Interview clip with Melissa Hield regarding her time at the University of Texas as a Ph.D. student and the sexism she encountered from fellow faculty and classmates.

Full interview with Melissa Hield over varying topics of feminism and her time at the University of Texas as a Ph.D. student.

Texas Women's Literary Tradition conference program - 9-21-1984.pdf

Texas Women’s Literary Tradition: A Conference and Celebration – 1984 – Melissa Hield was invited to give the opening remarks, based on her role as the Historian for the Texas Women’s History Project and People's History in Texas(1981). The event was co-sponsored by UT's The College of Liberal Arts and University of Texas Press. Melissa's name is within the credits and it reveals her significance in the Austin community and her contributions to feminism itself regardless of her not receiving her Ph.D. as she originally thought. She made her contributions elsewhere, outside academia, as she says within the full interview clip above.

PHIT - Southern Tradition in Texas literary tradition - Rockdale Reporter newsclip 2-14-1985.pdf

PHIT (People's History in Texas) – Rockdale Reporter Newsclip – 1985: For “Texas Writers” (1986). Melissa Hield and fellow members of PHIT, were in Rockdale, Texas, interviewing several local people for a documentary about George Sessions Perry--a famous Texas novelist and magazine contributor. Melissa is on the far left and this newsclip again reveals Melissa's community involvement within Texas and the contributions she made outside of her original route of academia.