Mexican American Women's Advocacy during the 1970s

Chicana Research and Learning Center Records

A worksheet from the Chicana Research and Learning Center showing how to respond to highstress situations. 

The work on community building projects, helping new immigrants connect to others and build support networks. This was done through things like gatherings and other ways to form communities that can help people better organize politically and socially.

The Center also focused on issues that affect young people, particularly the things that affect the families of recent immigrants. They had programs for 12-18 Y/O Hispanic women focusing on dealing with things like sex, future goals, employment, and mental health. They also helped young women develop socialization skills that can prevent slides into isolation and help young women to open up and feel safe. They created a community of like-minded young women who are politically and socially active, resulting in better community outcomes.

The Center used worksheets, fliers, and pamphlets to educate women on their rights and how to advocate on behalf of themselves in many different situations. This particular worksheet looks at how women can better stand up for themselves in different social situations as well as how diplomatically approach conflict. For people in a new society, these can be challenging moments, but by training for tense situations in advance, the anxiety caused by such situations can be reduced.
Because the target audience of the worksheet is newly immigrated women, these are very important to address. Women, particularly women of color are often walked over and ignored in social spaces. This connects to the larger idea of the difficulty of being seen as a Latina woman. The Center, which is run by women of color, understood these difficulties and worked hard to combat them.