Immigration, Reparations, and Revolution

A Scene from the Haitian Revolution

A Scene From the Haitian Revolution

The story of French-Haitian relations is centuries old, originating in a time of colonialism, slavery, and trans-imperial conflicts. Here, we explore two types of relocation – the arrival of African slaves to Saint-Domingue (modern-day Haiti) and the movement of French citizens from France to the same island territory – and provide general histories of the French and Haitian Revolutions as a way to understand Haiti's roots, as well as how it and its people have developed over time as a result of these early events.

Recommended guiding questions for this collection:

  • How did the slave trade contribute to the rise of Haitian culture prevalent across slave plantations?
  • Taking into account the number of the deceased, the destruction of property, and the end of various ways of life, were their any true victors of the Haitian Revolution?
  • Was an indemnity against Haiti just, or did the French government go too far?
  • How can Haitian-French relations today lead to a brighter future for the Haitian people?
Immigration, Reparations, and Revolution